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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Worlds No 1 Soccer Skills Training Company Coerver Licensee Now Operational In India.

Harmit Kamboe : Please tell us what the key components of football coaching are as far as the Coerver style of coaching is concerned?

Bikram Singh Thockchom : Coerver is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method because we focus on individual skill development & small group play.

Coerver Coaching focuses on providing all players – opportunities of confidence building and encourages expressing creativity in a game situation to score goals and equally to defend and recover ball.

Focus on the Technical – Individual skills.
Coerver is known for the I V I skills teaching methodology:
Change of directions, Stop n Starts & Fake n feints.

The Player Development Pyramid – is a treasure house of 6 chambers that helps players learn with confidence the skills to serve the team well.

The Skill –Stress- Success Bridge – is a process where a player progresses from success to success through a rigorous step-by-step process in achieving skills that matter in a game situation.

The Play Pie – is a structured Session planning Chart that considers – age groups, season & competition appropriate training Programme.

Ranchi Panchayat

Harmit Kamboe : What advantages are there for attending a Coerver camp versus just buying the DVDs?

Bikram Singh Thockchom : The step-by-step learning process – assisted by our coaches is an art form – mastered & learnt  through the Coerver Orientation courses.

What make all the difference is the – One on One learning from the coaches

Coaches can identify and guide the individual learning process by providing the building blocks for the skills development– which might not be possible by learning in isolation from the DVDs.

Every session – players question and get answers or look for them together with the coaches.

Harmit Kamboe : Who owns the franchise for Coerver India?

Bikram Singh Thockchom : Tarantella Sports Pvt Ltd. Has the License not Franchise, for all India

Harmit Kamboe : How long has Coerver India been in operation and how many children have had the benefit of attending Coerver coaching camps?

Bikram Singh Thockchom : We have been in India for 2 years.
Over 10,000 (ten thousand) children have been exposed to the Coerver sessions in Clinic & training sessions. (as detailed in the Report sent)

Harmit Kamboe : What are the qualifications of the coaches at Coerver camps in India?

Bikram Singh Thockchom : We have about 25 coaches associated with Coerver Coaching in India. We have conducted about 10 x 3 days courses over the last 2 years. Most coaches are ex players from State level and some have AFC – C license.

2    Ex Captains of India – have experience the coaching methodology of Coerver.

We have a Coach on AFC – A license

Harmit Kamboe : Does Coerver India organize just periodic camps or does it have any football coaching programs that are yearlong where children benefit from your structured coaching on a long-term basis?

Bikram Singh Thockchom :We have been running 2 Pilot projects in Mumbai & Delhi to provide year round coaching for players.

In Mumbai and Delhi we have 8 permanent centres. However we have conducted several camps across India (10 states) 3 – 7 days camps.
3 senior coaches from Australia – England – Scotland have visited us to conduct camps in India

Harmit Kamboe : What are some of things that you believe that Indian children are never exposed to when it comes to learning football at a young age?

Bikram Singh Thockchom : Indian children do not have a Player Development Road Map and a federation to provide for a world-class support & education system in soccer.

Coaches are not able to narrow the Need gap between the new generation who are exposed to World Class Soccer and whose aspirations are way ahead of the complete comprehensions of the present coaches.

There is a huge need for Players to learn with confidence and without fear. The mental factor – involved in the game are sometime ignored.

We have to treat learning Soccer – like how we learn to read and write any other Language. The concept of “ language of Sports’’ needs to be encouraged.

Best practices from across the world – find it hard to reach the grass root coaches and soccer institutions because of a lack of organized and structured sporting environment.

Coerver Coaching and its Co- founder (Alfred) are in working relations with the top clubs in UK & Europe and we have access to these learning through his personal sessions or communications.

We hope to contribute in the Player Development Road map in India.

Harmit Kamboe : What are some of your suggestions for raising the standard of football in India?

Bikram Singh Thockchom : I am keen to spread the joy of football across to the Fan Community who will become the bedrock foundation to a healthy Soccer Industry – ie the FAN BASE. Sports thrive on a healthy and rich fan base.

Privileged Children across the Public schools (select) have always been enjoying soccer and even more now since the Satellite channels have started broadcasting all the major leagues across the world. Providing them with and organized environment, which they will pay for – will sustain grassroots soccer development.

Developing the sports TOP – Down will help accelerate the growth because of financial viability. Paid coaching is becoming a norm and Coaches meager incomes are being supplemented through these paid coaching. Parents and family now come out and support the sport and passion of their loved ones.

The support will filter down and benefit all across board.

Training the Trainers and looking after their livelihood and enhancing their knowledge are probably the crucial factors in raising the standard of football in India.

Coerver would encourage – ball for every child, both feet on ball, rest and repeating of skill practices, creating an environment where children will enjoy soccer and build their confidence and express creatively their passion.

As Indian – we have some thing big to offer to World Soccer – “Yoga” . We have been successfully incorporating – techniques of breathing for quick and effective recovery and focus. It lengthens training time and better relaxed learning. The Yoga asanas are incredible help to bring suppleness and flexibility in the players. I believe it’s the next big thing in Soccer.

Source: Sports keeda . com.,HARMIT KAMBOE, JANUARY 21, 2011

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